What the muppet?

Excellent. Once more i have proved my ultimate cunningness via the act of drinkin. If I could in fact describe last nite in a series of repeating words it would be:

"muppet, mucket, muppet, mucket, muppet, mucket, muppet, mucket"

moving swiftly. It all started out so well, it was a scorcher so me alec and nick sat on deckchairs in the front avec Pimms and all. much chillage, then mike and dave came. more chillage. Then I realised I'd drunk a litre of pimms and was like "hazaar".

Everyone else at this point was like "ponderous, let us journey to the party of which Chloe's house is the venue" and i was like "nrrgghh drinkag?" etc.

This all basically ended with the arrival of us at the house party and me throwing up for 15minutes and then running home, but not before first confusing sam, zoe and beax and eating lots of random food.

Excellent..... oh wait just checked my phone and there's a few photos, but i started this post now and can't be assed to add them in. BOO shank.... hey my new keyboard is spaced differently and i keep hitting ctrl+b instead of ctrl+v, how hectic

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