More Major Updates:

My Birthday (11/05/05): Asleep and in bed for most the day, oh god I felt bad, lets not go there tbh.

Going Home Weekend (roughly a week after my birthday):

Cunningly there was a party of rexness, so I took a coach home, got delayed horrendously and ended up going to herne hill, then stuck there for nearly 2 hours, went to elephant and castle, then to charing cross where I stole a train home to orpington, woo! with just enough time for a shower and a drink before whisked off to the land of rex by mr ruffle, thank you very much for the lift, dammit I owe u for that actually. anyway much drinkin good times, jovil, and I passed out spectacularly, then had nice cooked brekkie in morning while feeling unwell. Ah well, first time i really drunk since birthday, I be cool... long trip back

Rest of Time: Super duper mega revision, which i still sucked at, didn;t drink cos was a good boy and then 4 exams, 2 went awesomely, 1 went very badly and 1 was neh. I would talk more about them but i cannot be assed as I am really peaved (who says that anymore?!) that i spilt water over my keyboard and its now fuxxored, I blame everyone who invented alcohol. thats you mr tequila, oh u make me happy, oh tequila u blah blah..... gawd i hate tequila.


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