last nite i had a horrendously horrendous dream so to "break it down for my home boys" I shall use bullet points in a sensual way:

  • Was at some point with anal john and gareth (from next door) for some reasons went home, on a road which was quite similar to our road, and was our road i guess
  • went in our front door, but there was a chinese dude and a chinese girl there who acted really really freaked out when they saw me, and I walked through into living room which was in fact a really fancy dining room Nick, Chloe and dave were in there, nick on an armchair with a weird beard and looking kinda different but the other two were the same.
  • I sat and started talking to dave, and although they seemed to know my name they didn't know me at all and i didn't live there.
  • Then a two scary mental institute people came through the door, one of them was a scary women and they started takin me away as i was kicking and screaming.
  • The general jist was that my life wasn't in fact real and i'd woken up or sommit and escaped and i was going back and they were gonna do mean things to me
at this point I woke up and was like argh and though the woman would be behind my door when i went to get a drink. but ah well it was 6am

Random Quote:

Mike: "Logitech rule"
Tom: "nah they suck, they test on lesbians"
Mike: "logitech test on lesbians.... *fills in CV and sends to Logitech*"


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