Major Update Whoop:

oki so i've been too lazy to keep up-to date with all the stuff thats
happened but i'll break it down into significant events

My Birthday Celebration (10/05/05):

Finally handed in all our project work, awesome!, it probably kinda nearly failed and various other endangerments to our cause, but still its all gravy. well its wasn't actually ALL gravy, perhaps 75% of it. still it was worthwhile I suspect. Anyway following this joyous of occasions I went to the ram with stu and met alex and then mike and dave there, and they started to poison me with alcohol. Straight away i got give some sorta double tequila and rum concoction, which was not nice, and nearly made me die. Mike and Nick brought an inflatable sheep highly cunningly wrapped up that i was astonished - it worked as a good bottle top. And then the day continued supposedly. I drank lots more, then I lost memory, but this is what i have managed to piece together from people telling me and various memories:

We left Ram and went to Mike/Dave/Pete's crib, where they had made the most amazing cake in the shape of "TOM" ever, i was awesomeanated, but hammered, apparently i managed to spill large amounts of alcohol over poor alex who had to go home and get changed.

Then we may have gone to spoons, where i proceeded to get a burger alledgely, just pick up the meat, and go "ow ow, its hot" to which someone said "then put it down" and I replied with an air of cunning "no".

Then we may have go back home and i was given some sort of pernod device, then onto Arena where i was drunk, danced horrendously no doubt and met the girls, though i barely remember them. Damn my eyes

No more drink for a while...


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