Right, finally caught up in a cunning way, I just had a shower if that helps?


but he revising, quite silly. I seem to have developed some cunning thing where i go to town everyday, to try and curb this addiction I just got me and nick ice cream for the ice cream man.

He has a van full of happy.

The other night we had a drinkin device avec la bbq round here, with mike dave pete kryssy and chloe. There was much drunkness, peanut butter everywhere, and mike had fun "spinny dancing" around the back yard. Then following day (yesterday i think) me and nick went very strange and completley cleaned the kitchen. Its so clean it looks like no one lives there, its quite scary but we're trying to keep it like that so alex is liked shocked, possibly falls over, upsetting a passing ferret which goes on a rampage stealing large screen plasma tvs.

talking about stealing I forgot to mention my cunning cunningment to do with our favourite neighbourhood cat, Scoop McCool. I came up with teh cunnign plan that because we managed to detune his worksurface phoebia, we could train him in other arts... here's my plan:

1) train scoop to steal the first born child of every family
2) use these children to attract women
3) use these women to attract thugs
4) use these thugs to steal various things such as TVs, toy soliders, adamanitum cutlery sets and other implements of use
5) thats it...

Whoop, rite:

Random Quotes:

"hmm. i appear to have lost dave and my cheese is too mature." - Mike De Roberts

hope Ajits there and he's like "h'okay so, I be da man, with a stick... and a brick... and a tick.. that.. i lick, your dumb, calculators rule, woo!" - Someone...

my webcockms up nicks anal cavity" - Dave


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