Yesterday with a stick

After a lack of wakeage, I found i was still drunk as u can probably see from my past post, I then decided to watch superman... here's why I think its dumb:

  • Intro to the whole thing is over half the film, I mean wtf
  • Sucked compared to Smallville storyline-
  • He's like, hey darrr wobble
  • Lois lane dies.. so he goes "hey why don't I just fly around the earth really quickly.. i mean wtf.
Anyway after that me and nick went to terrorise people at la open day, with increasing vigor, pete was totally busy, sarah highly burnt, zoe was like "woo" and alex was like "hazaar". In conclusion we decided the best thing to do was go to the ram, we started drinking. More people arrived, alex got drunk, there were free cheerleaders! and free pizza!

so was quite successful. We then went to arena where everyone was totally tired and not up for drinking, but in the end we manged to dance the entire time, which was pretty impressive. Ankles hurt, nargh

Random Quote:

"I got ma swagger back" - Will Smith


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