Scoop McCool - the PHATest cat in the ghetto

Once upon a time, when the sun was at its sunniest, and the tele was at its teleiest, a boy named me exclaimed "hark, is that not a cat outside our exterior door Sir Nick" to which Sir Nick replied "eh?". Following this cunning of ponderments and riddles, the boy named me proceeded to extrapolate the door to find a friendly feline pal awaiting. From this point they became friends and many a tuna fest was had. At one point with the help of the infamous knights Mike and Pete, the feline wonderment was detune of its evil and powerful pre-crib rules, and was allowed to wander freely upon the many work surfaces it was greeted with. But the boys soon grew weary of the Sir Scoop McCool's constant requirement of edible substances, that their wish was Scoop to be gone from their hallowed halls. However, on further ponderment, Sir McCool seem to have ultimate powers of return, and only the magical queen of the other relm of McCool could return Scoop to where he and once come. The saga had ended, and all lived happily ever after, and slightly intoxicated.

Videos of This Saga(8mb each!):

Sir McCool Eating
Sir McCool Playing


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