A highly hectic quiz thanks to the wonders that are mike.

It seemed like any other quiz, perhaps on the boring side, yet somehow something was different, perhaps it was the fact it was nick's birthday, or there was no dave, or the fact that mike was drunk. But wait, it couldn't be that mike was drunk, he's ALWAYS drunk.... but not like this!

Mike The Drunk VERSION 2!!

yes thats right, what we all thought could not happen, but it has, mike has reached a new level of drunkardness unknown to all. Here in bullet point form are some of the cunningness involved:

  • Lost volume control in the lemmy
  • Pondersome concentration and control
  • On walk back, strange directional movement and runnin insanely
  • In crib, toilet fight turned into chair welding attacks (but in jovial style)
  • Extrapolation of toilet roll through door
  • Eating a whole bowl of Archers jelly while at the same time flinging it all over the kitchen and people in the nearby direction - the aftermath of this is in the above picture :P
I have video of the jelly incident if anyone wants it but its big and poor quality and I'm very tired, but great nite, was in stitches for most of it, so cheers mike :P

Happy Birthday Nick!

Random Quote:

"daaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr" - Mike


David Hulbert 10:24 am  

"No comment" (Beacsue I'm Internetless)

David Hulbert 12:21 pm  

"Comment" (The internet's back now!)

Michael 1:29 am  

Argh! With a stick. I think u will find that there should be a warning against excessive drinking. Oh the pain. I need my vodka smoothie, argh. Throw it foo...

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