and illness strikes

Thats right gentle reader, your humble blogger has be struken down by an illness so vile that one proceeded to vomit continually throughout the night of New Years Celebrations every 15minutes. props to Rachel, Rex, Tracey and Dan for not stabbing me in the face and dumping me in a large natural waterway, where the source may be a lake, a spring, or a collection of small streams, known as headwaters.

Never watch Poirot when your ill and have very delusional dreams, especially don't watch it and then read a few pages of da vinci's biography, as the result is crazy dreams trying to solve mysteries in paintings. However I did temporarily manage to lucid dream, after I broke my arm and managed to pull the bones out my throat I was like argh, realised I was dreaming and forced myself to wake up, was crazy like I was tearing through into reality, awesome.

check this cat who rang 911 for its owner

oh and to continue la theme Joss Whedon in his humourous glory

Anyway New Years Eve was awesome! until I destructonmanated myself on something, thanks loads Rachel and Beth for letting us destroy your house in drunkenness! some dope dressing up notably, mexicans, french ppl, scotsmen, hippies, russians and of course australiens, whoopa. I ate half my moustache thought... shat its dinner time, brb...mmm I like mince and I didn't throw it up, and rachel came round with my things woo thanks a lot!... anyway party was good, though I just learnt it may have been some uncooked chicken I ate, who knows

I apologise for lack of normal combustoire but my stomaches reinacting the second world war down there


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