beer and clothing in New Pork

have u noticed that I have 5 min left before I suspected I would leave to go to campus... damn its a long way... but I have work to do... damn.

new timetable for semester 2! I seem to have the inverse square tangent vector of last semester timetable, 1 empty day and 4 busy ones. damn my foolish choices. ARGH deadline tomorrow to campus ->

I bought my parents 50 trees btw, seemed cheaper than the donkey option. but then I thought, "hold your horses *gaffaw* 50 quid ain't that much for a donkey".. but its a lot for a student. not that I'm buying a student. but I am a student. whose buying the donkey. except not. just trees. shh go away now....

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Shin: Device for finding furniture in the dark” - Anonmyous... anonomou... no one knows who wrote it innit bruv....

If we're not supposed to eat animals, how come they're made out of meat?” - Tom Snyder - rofl awesome.


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