Post number 306! word to ya mother

I prolly should have changed jeans from yesterday due to mud stainage, and I've noticed my farting is becoming uncontrollable and my feet smell.... wanna go out with me? oh yeah ya do...

as Dave says i "need a cork"... dang diggy dang

Had awesome night at firehouse with Sam and Beax and then at Rileys with Sam, much fun, tho slight drunkenness mainly on Sam's part :P Also I need to improve my skill da la poolage.

I came up with a cunning theory in the shower today but can't remember it... *waits for it to reappear in his head*... omg it worked! yeah anyway, everyone should wear dissolveable clothes, this is for many reasons: 1) More excitement when it rains 2) weight loss due to people running for home/a place to hide when it rains 3) Keeps the economy going due to continual buyage of clothes... though this occurs due to women anyway..... dammit my feet really do smell.

furthermore I know this is obvious but many people still don't get it: Wolverine could have ANYONE. apart from maybe superman, but superman doesn't count cos he's not cool in the slightest.

Finally I'd like to apologise to anyone who doesn't get a reply when they text/msg me on msn, this is mainly due to me leaving my phone in random places and the fact I don't sit at my pc continually! yes its hard to believe but sometimes I go downstairs and once a month venture out the house!.... I need to stop using exclamation marks as well, they're for people who can't express themselves through words alone... or something equally smart.

nite fools.

Random Quote:

"I'm not the man I was, I'm more jaded than the first, I'm what you expected, what you didn't and everything inbetween. I am me but so detached from me, I'm nearly you. But nothing quite so dis-simliar." - a quote close to my heart/feet/ketchup holder


David Hulbert 3:53 am  

a double dose of awesomeness!

1 - the dissolvable clothes - brilliant!

2 - ketchup holder - where can i get 1 from?

Tommeh 11:22 am  

1- Indeed to the whoopa!
2- on the end of your arm! extrubent

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