well fantastic

I've some how made a java program that requires 55gb 28gb of Ram, and thats a poorly calculated probably highly too low figure. not only that this was my small set of sample data... I've made 24mb of files be represented by 55gb 28gb of data, as dan said:

"it's so far ahead of it's time it needs a computer from 50 yrs in the future to be able run it"

but lets concentrate on more pressing matters (not trouser related), following my successful dissertation (i.e. I finished it without panik death night before deadline) I've decided planning things rules. However more importantly I saw a blackbird do a backflip on the way back from costa the other day.

I have also discovered a few theories I'd like to share with everyone. 1) attaching cctv cameras to the tv's that display it is clever, as it tends to make people look directly at it and 2) the tom has a gravitational pull that only effects slow old people forcing them to career in front of him in the high street. oh and they should only sell energy efficient bulbs. make sense

Hair Status: Dense enough to shield brain from bio-toxic radiation.

I spent over 2 hours the other day in Smiths trying to find a decent book to buy with my vouchers but no such luck. I nearly bought Origin of Species, which neatly leads me onto the fact I want Great Books of the Western World by britannica. Then again could just read classic books in 1 minute.

Random Quote

"you're a strange little creature" - Louis describing me....


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