word to the wiggle

damn landlord keeps turning up randomly and letting people walk round house, totally against our contract and it got me out of bed and having to apply clothes this morning. I'd bring the smackdown but due to me being at home its locked in my two-key safebox for outside use....

Went to la pub of ramming last nite with just dave and pete but was awesome night and we were like "vun!!!!, two!!!!, threeee!!!, voooof!", bonus points. Me and dave also opened up a can of weirdness on the bar dude but asking for shots in pint glasses and meat flavoured crisps. Damn we're wacky.....dang

this site is still one of the best sites on the internet: www.stuffonmycat.com

I seem to continually have the "little bit of sick little bit of sick" feeling, tis annoying, I blame robinsons high juice and alcopops. pop. pop.

I'm shivering so much now I gonna stop writing this and have some lamb grill steak. man its good

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"Vagina Power!" - Storm from the X-men


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