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HOWTO make a noble fruit helmet for your cat

in further news I just cooked 16 sausages, sounds like a sausage fest to me (note: 23512th time I've used that joke)

shizer I not done a proper blog in ages, and prolly never will do *gaffaws* yeah that didn't make sense, wanna fight? interestingly all my work is now in, and I can take a chill pill.

Place of Interest: I managed to tell a group of girlies that our house was falling apart when the landlord was right nearby and I didn't realise, I promptly hid in Nick's room. I'll sue his ass.

For all those people with a "control people on a computer who arn't actually there but play a set of clips according to the commands you enter, mostly hot women, doing sexy things, or teasing, the bitchs, i kill them!" fetishes check this out, one more for the road.

Lately in my chilled out state I've been playing too many computer games, Prince of Persia: Two Thrones pwns. and Pete and I have been hammering out some X-men Legends 2, cos we're cool like that.

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"life's getting up and not dying" - Your master


Anonymous 3:04 pm  

that quote cos against ppl with no legs..they cant get up and their not dieing!i think u should appologise to the legless!

Anonymous 1:01 am  

oh bloody hell y cant i type properly!! was ment to say "goes" not "cos"!!

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