I can't help but notice

I'm eating fruit and fibre Tesco style. not that there's a tesco style to eating cereal, but the .... *gives up*

Had a french dude for lecture today he was all up in our crib like "hey guy stop hacking my server", tho he's leaving at end of february? dammit, luckily "another woman will take my place", which made me gaffaw, tho it wasn't heard over the noise my lion of a stomach was making.

man I'm tired. whoops broke the router *sidles away*

I feel a bit ill now, I blame prince of persia, couldn't sleep last nite so played it till late, then I was like argh sleep lecture wibble. I should prolly work...

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"why does swiss cheese? - because they can't bacon" - combination of stu and me, woo


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