hey guess who hasn't posted for ages

well your wrong, now shut up and let me expell my knowledge and humour in a tightly packed ramble of wit and intrigue comparable with many a successful travelator. You may have noticed that I've lacked updates, this surprisingly isn't due to my fantastic golden shanks but because I'm a bit shit. Luckily every now and then I wrote down a note to blog about..... let the knowledge pour.

*shuffles notes*... k apparently I need to extrapolate my fondness of words beginning with the word e, for instance, erogenous, erroneous, extrapolate, etc...Also top tip for packing clothes in suitcases: leave hangers on, much easier to unpack and less hassle for your minions later on.

Twas Rexxor's birthday celebratory shindig on 7th and we went "down tha dawgs". Mucho awesome, with rex hacking everyone up and winning half the national global income of Luxemborg. suspicious if you ask me, or anyone within a 5 mile radius. maybe.

Next day after a series of coach and train dilemmas I arrived in time for a Mike Birthday shindig which resulted in mike being WAY too drunk and possibly evacuating some sort of acid out of his stomach, which probably should have been put in quarentine.

hmm I can't help but feel the internet is slower than wading through a pool of granite. luckily I finished my dissertation in time copies available on request, whoop... but I got 5000 words for thursday morning... craptastic.

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"accidently d/led "black guy fucks his mum" instead family guy" - Dan..yes dan


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