Don't you just hate

. I do sometimes, its not good, spread the love my darling readers. Either that or extraction of the smackdown is paramount (or universal... gaffaw... wibble). enough.

Beware of the Lobster Kitty.

I saw the man known as Corne yesterday, and had like one of the most awesome tutorial type devices ever, nearly a 30min talk all about stuff, very cool. Unfortunatly he suggested I should do a phd, now my decisions are in termoil again. Time for Rage Against The Machine I fear.

We're hopefully going to the lemmy tonight depending on varying factors from tickets to turn out to if I don't die from lack of cheese within the next 23 seconds, more news on this later.

High juice time (pause) - excellent.

Nick went away forever today! ARGH, well forever being till 20th may, not good, he's going to Hide-my-Hoven in Hollyland. I suspect this signifies the beginning of the end of my rest-bite before semester of ultimate work that is worth half my degree!

~~~Abdula has returned~~~

Random Quote

"There is no one alive who is Youer than You" - Dr. Seuss


Anonymous 11:13 am  

Why, I do believe that's plagiarism Mr Thomas :P

Tommeh 11:24 am  

the best form of flattery ;)

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