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Just had a great conversation with Dave and Louis lasting like 2 hours or more about religion, belief, good evil and moral, below is not directly related to what we talked about, but mainly my exasperation with humans. Its quite rambling as well, mainly due to the alcohol that I consumed earlier, tho at the moment has lost all effect. maybe.

In the end everything seems like nothing gets anywhere, I've seen so many arguements/discussions, so little resolution or conclusion. For instance I take every comment on slashdot as an example, especially in relation to Google or Microsoft and ethical issues, everything continually bounces around. Its fair duos that people share their views and opinions and I'm not saying they shouldn't express them or whatever, but no one ever has an answer that anyone can believe in and so much effort is spent in this continual circle of arguments and conflicting views that it really does seem like our existence loses some sort of progress due to everything that occurs. Again even this comment is useless and just a view and not useful in the slightest, it won't change anything, it won't put anything in particular perspective. Most people either believe or don't believe something, people are naturally stubborn, along with stupid and good, but still stubborn. And in the end its all in context, lets take the example of "Do no evil" the apparent slogan of Google. No one can really define Evil in itself, and in the end its probably just in retrospect.

Dilemmas whether ethical, moral, religious, or just basically humane can't be black and white, and its that very fact that make every decision, every factor or experience in life difficult. No one ever said life was easy, no one ever claimed that beliefs, views and solutions were simple, even though people expect or hope them to be.

I sometimes worry whether I should be out there throwing views around. "Making a difference", but also it seems easier to just take everything as it comes and do what I do. I'm sure this is the easiest way out, but I've noticed it involves less arguements and conflicts, but thats just on the micro scale. In the large context of things I'm not only a hypocrite, and completely complacent not to mention ignorant and neive beyond my comprehension. Though perhaps this realisation is a revalation in itself. Though probably not. Also I can't help but feel this post is everything that its arguing against, but hey I'm not perfect.

I'm going to stop now before I say something that makes even less sense that what I just said and is just the work of my busy typing hands. Once more regular readers can strike this post off the record. More humourous shinanigans to follow.

Just adding this for interest this is google china (censored) and this is google ameriland (uncensored as such). The search is tiananmen. Don't sue me.


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