Big Sleeves

Gigs are most excellent, though everytime I see a band I still always wish I was the one up there on the stage, but as I said to Rex, my singing shatters eyeballs. I have so many bands to check out now though, on top of bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Kevin Devine and 'I can make a mess like nobody's business'. I've also got bands from summer sonic, like+

  • Los Campesionos!
  • The Subways
  • Becca
  • Blood Red Shoes

and probably more besides. I must find more to quench my thirst though, suggestions? I may have to ask Dan or Sam, they tend to have 1 or 2 up their sleeve.


Anonymous 8:34 am  

1 or 2 I feel slightly offended but only in a lighthearted jovial manner. Please check out MGMT, Ratatat, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Simian Mobile Disco, Les Savy Fav, Of Montreal, Crystal Castles and then come on down to Brighton when you're back in the old u of k. Ohhh and of course EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY (earlier stuff is better).

Best regards

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