Getting down with the sickness

So capsules aren't great to sleep in, especially if they roast you alive. No matter, I have gained some form of illness, or it could just be my body expelling all the crap I breathed in, in china, as I threw up quite spectacularly and felt a bit better then. I did manage, however, to get my Summer Sonic 2008 tickets (Osaka style), whoop whoop, in the face language barriers. My current plan of bands I want to see is:

11.20 The Ting Tings(Sky Stage)
13.10 The Hoosiers(Ocean Stage)
14.20 Biffy Clyro (Sonic Stage)
15.30 The Kooks(Ocean Stage)
19.40/19.50 Cold Play(Ocean Stage) / Fatboy Slim(Sky Stage)

14:20-The Subways(Ocean Stage)
15.30-Zebrahead(Ocean Stage)
16.55-Panic A The Disco(Ocean Stage)
17.15 Death Cab For Cutie(Sonic Stage)
18.10 Lost Prophets(Sky Stage)
19.55 The Prodigy(Ocean Stage)

Bands i miss due to clashes: New Found Glory, part of Panic At The Disco, The Verve, The Fratellis, Sex Pistols

The most annoying part is that Death Cab overlaps Panic At The Disco. Only Brand New could stop me seeing Death Cab For Cutie however. Interestingly the summer sonic site doesn't provide details of how to get to the stadium, but that'll be half the fun I'm sure.


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