Tired in my pants

Was how I felt when we woke up before 7am, so I could drive the van back, with raffle in it, so that we could beat traffic and get van back in time. Well the trip took a stupidly short amount of time and I could drop everything off that needed to be dropped off before getting the van back in plenty of time. Guy didn't even check if it was smashed up or not. Bonus, as I may or may not have scraped it when Susie took me through a VERY NARROW area of England. Anyway, moving swiftly on, I fell asleep at home because my battery was on empty. Soon Rex had driven home and back, picked me up, we went and sorted out Chez STARR a bit, and then headed off to Dartford, to Dan and Tracey's place of inhabiting. Bid our welcomes to the guys, then headed on off into Dartford centre for a very nice curry, and a few cobras before finding a large pub that Laura used to know. Was quite good, drank vast quantities of everything, and shots were involved, followed by Dan and Laura strutting some fancy stuff on the dance floor.

As last orders came around and the place was thinning out,we decided to go to a bar/discothek called Crush, that was purple much to Tracey's liking. Though then Simone and Tracey went home :( We drank and danced more and craziness happened as usual. On way back, dan begged a pizza/fast food owner to re-open his shop, which he did much to everyones surprise. I had some awesome wedges that I proceeded to force on everyone, including Tracey when we got back. I then fell asleep on coach, satisfied. Great evening, hats off to Dartford.


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