Never trust a bunny

or a van. I hate vans. Today Rex and I woke up at a moderately early hour for 2 likely lads without jobs, and managed to hire a rickety suspicious looking van from a suspicious supplier, to allow us to move into our lovely new house. Now this was an extra tall transit rip off, so not the greatest to drive, still rex drove it to Whitstable, we visited his grandparents, who gave us half their house, specially a really nice dining table, and after saying our fairwells we arrived at Lord Rexalot's abode. After quite a while, we managed to fill most of the van up with Rex's stuff, mostly thanks to his brother's superhuman strength, in that he somehow could hold the entire weight of his wardrobe while going down the stairs. Epic. Rex then drove back to the Orp, where we threw in ruffle's stuff and one or two bits of mine that would fit, before we all headed to Stratford, with ruffle's car behind.

Spent ages unloading vast amounts of stuff and pottering around the house, and using Ruffle's Mum's hoover to clean up the place a bit. Russ headed back home, and then rex and I went back to fill up the van with my stuff and Raffle's stuff, by now it was getting quite late (about 6pm) and we had failed to have dinner. We were also epically tired, blackwall tunnel driving in a crappy van that drifts when u try steer, plus the brakes are a bit like cotton wool. Neither is a dashboard that doesn't light up when ur lights are on, so you can't quite see what speed you're going, and to make matters worse I was driving on my own on the way, and I thought I smashed everything in the back, including all of raffles delicate stuff. I hadn't though. Much.

Anyway after throwing all that stuff in the house, I went off, and tried to get to Shing's Victoria pad via the help of Susie the Sat Nav. I hate susie. After some nice detours across tower bridge and back over westminster bridge I finally made it there, and waited looking EXTREMELY dodgy in a petrol forecourt as Jackie, Viv and Shing slowly loaded up the van with TONS of stuff. Finally, all packed, and took a route of sheer lunacy back to stratford, thanks to susie again. Arrived around 2am or something crazy and unpacked everything, then collapsed in pile, all of us in the basement with sleeping bags as the hippys at our estate agents had failed to deliver the beds in time. Was cosy though. Even if we have to wake up stupid early to drop off van.


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