Twits Extravanganza

The twits and people slowly appeared for their celebration after I spent the morning sorting out my shocking excuse for a bedroom. Much waiting around occurred, so had a drink or two, while showing off the house. Eventually headed off to the Goose in Stratford where we met up with Dan and Tracey. Nandos fucked us over on a table booking so we resorted to a Caribbean restaurant. where I got a Goat Curry, but it tasted a bit like canteen food. Luckily for everyone, the waitresses were informed of the current age related predicament, and some humourous twit embarrassment based around singing and clapping. Many people looked peed off. Next stop London!

Where we proceeded to wander around and not do much for ages, until we met up with Shing's Katie, who was really nice, and we faffed around Leicester Square for a while, until in the end I was like "Hess, take us to a cool club". And he did. And we drank. Hess paid a topless muscular dude to hug ruffle, so we could take a photo. Unfortunately, Cory's camera died, so Hess had to rape me at the bar ("noo noo hess, go in again") and get my camera. At some point cory and I went and bust some moves on the dance floor, and had some jager shots. Then the others joined us and we boogied the night away.

Eventually left just after 3am, and got the 25 back, but only after shing disappeared into a random chinese shop, where I followed her, and she got me boneless awesome duck and rice, that I devoured. Bus wasn't too bad, about 40 min, though ruffle puff hated it. Sleeps.

Dance. Jagermeister. 40min 25 bus home.


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