The Return

After an incredibly long flight from Tokyo, we touched down with amazing perfection to the hallowed turf of Heathrow airport, after a beautiful approach across London, over Stratford, seeing the O2, tower bridge, westminster, and most major touristic landmarks. Progressed through the pointlessness that is terminal 5, although it's really pretty/clean, waiting for a tube to take me on a 20 second journey seemed a slight waste of soul. Thankfully Rex, Shing and Ruffle were at arrivals to meet me, which was a nice surprise and they even created an awesome welcome back sign. Unfortunately for them, they forgot my awesomeness (ahem), and I saw them before they say me, and Shing even walked straight past me to look at arrivals. Using skillery I dropped bags, said "yo" to the guys, and crept up behind shing and I was all like "Nah, I don't think he's gonna come through that way". Much to her initial confusion. KABLAM. I'm back in town.

To recover my lack of sleeping, we went to the only coffee shop I was unable to find on shores so distant: Cafe Nero. An americano and a chat later we were ready to hit the road, after a quick gander at the rest of the terminal. Drive home sucked due to traffic but we got back eventually and did what any Orpingtonian should, and went straight to the Harvest Moon, where we began consuming a strange coloured liquid, with amusing effect. Rachel and her flatmate from France, Shelby, came along as well as Simone for a bit, and we descended in a highly humourous conversation of witticisms, drunkenness and rape. I mean innuendo, culminating in Shelby feeling up Shing in the bosom with a flower. Kapow. Also got a v.nice Thai Green Curry from their extended curry range. After returning home in an overpacked rex-mobile, I babbled in my usual (non)sense to mother and crashed out shattered.


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