I have been perusing my mind

and my soul and my tin of baked beans, but mainly, and for the purposes of this post, my own blog and I have concluded that uni life was frickin' awesome, and so were all the shinanigans we got up to. I am now expecting a high level of craziness and lunacy based contraptions for our new house. I also will try for the 5th time to get a random post button on this blog, though not sure how, can anyone help (looks at dave). UPDATE: Found a cool widget, so now just click Random Post to your right ->.

What do you mean I shouldn't repair electric cables with plasters? It's worked 3 times hasn't it? Plugs are meant to hiss aren't they?

Gah. Insomnia last night. That'll learn me for going to bed at 11. I was feeling like "just get me back to England" last night, mainly due to some excellent band related chat with Ad, but after an awesome day seeing the amazing sights of Kyoto, it has occured to me that this amazing adventure is coming to an end. Bum clouds anonymous. Why are there constantly children chanting in this hotel, and where are they coming from? I may now use 'Japan' and 'lunacy' as interchangeable words.


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