I'll tell you what's stressfull

"Stressful?" I hear you cry with somewhat trepid lunacy "How can you be stressed on a 6 month holiday, why I ort to come down there and give you what for". To which I would reply "what for five, haw haw haw" and then proceed to explain how I can't organise my life of meeting people when I get back because I only have a few weekends and I already have like 3 of them booked up with either moving into my own house/celebrating I'm alive and in england, celebrating Danu and Tracey's moving into their house (which they have kindly delayed till I get back, well I'm telling myself that, they may just have been covering everything in a thin layer of plastic to protect it from the ensuing carnage) and the Twits birthday shinanigans which I am sure will involve some form of intoxicating substance. Possibly poppers if Adam's record is anything to go by. Relax....

Anyway, my point is, ARGH. But now pete is going away or something in September, I need to meet up with countless other people, especially a variety of travel reunions, and all in the mean time I need to find a good job, not piss off my mum by only seeing her for 1 night (and what a night it'll be, nudge nudge wink wink, ew ew) in 6 months AND at some point visit exeter as I miss it so much. And Stu smells of cat rape in a vice factory. Furthermore, I had another interesting and rambling point to say, but I got distracted by the farce that is Facebook, oh yeah, all this trouble is because the rest of you lazy ass mofos have jobs, which I don't appreiciate in the slightest. Except maybe Rex and Russ, so we can be some form of rambling/hiking trio, that cross the countryside with nothing but a headscarf and a pocket of beer change between us. Maybe a costa coffee as well. And a llama. Plus an xbox. And some other comical and seemingly random paraphinallia.

Who else thinks I need some form of non Japanese human contact? Yes me to. Or food before I drink strong coffee in the morning. Yes me to. Hush.

P.S. I also need to get down to Brighton and bash out some gigs with Icelandic Dan, for he is the king of all things Icelandicly cool. (yes yes I know I need to see YOU as well, please don't comment and whine, if I mentioned everyone I need to see this post would already be longer, more rambling and far more hilarious than it already is)


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