The Condition of Faffery

This week I'm sure I've participated in a number of events that will blow your mind. Not many of which come to mind right now. On Saturday we all went to Simone's BBQ, which was great, especially as Dan and Tracey were there, and we all scoffed meat and a few beverages in a civilised situation. On the monday rex came down just for a small massacre and so we all went to monday club. Not too much drinking. I think. Didn't recognise many people there.

Today (thursday), after, me trapsing around london debt collecitng money from raffle and shing for our house deposit and first month of rent, I met Ruff and Rex in Stratford and we spent the next few hours, waiting in the car, faffing around, and waiting for various people who weren't there to sign everything. Eventually it was all sorted, just before closing and we got the house!!... except no house keys for us, so Rex had to run to the nearest locksmith and get them cut. Those crazy fools at Belvoir. Decided not to stay the night as we need to get van tomorrow and move everything in the world in. So we first checked the house/showed it off to ruffle. Currently have no beds or furniture, but we're happy.


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