or something equally whatever. Had an awesome sleep in my new bed with 1.5 trillion tog duvet. In the morning I was like, "Yo yo biatches" then skidaddled off to meet Pete, Chloe and Mike in Victoria Station, where Chloe was impressively already drunk after 2 ciders, so we shot off to Green Park, and found some nice pubs, The Kings Arms especially, and had a few bevvies. We then bust on back to Leicester square and walked to the embankment, where after some odd failing to find a walkabout, we went back to the south bank for a very nice Mexican and a beer (brahma), while we pondered our options. We became more determined and returned across the river and successfully found the targeted walkabout, stayed there for a while for everyone's fair share of drinking games, drama and winnage. After we all bid farewell, I navigated all forms of transport successfully, until I had to rely on my legs. These failed. Epically. And I fell elbow first upon the floor in front of a dude who was all like "Hey guy, you alright" to which I spluttered my apologies and scampered home.


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