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On wednesday raffle evaporated back home, so that on the Thursday (yesterday) she could jet off the coasts so close, but so far. Jealousy consumes me. Ruffle moved in the same day, missing her expertly, and his room became full of huge boxes. His mommy was very kind and took me home, where I had to wrestle with my crappy car that had got run down over the 7 months I was away. So a friend my mum knows was kind enough to charge it over night, but when I tried to start it, it sounded extremely sorry for itself. Then, in my attempt to get the car over to his house to get tires pumped for incoming MOT the next morning, the car slipped into some crazy error message that refused to let the engine rev, and I couldn't go faster than 18mph. Insane.

Eventually got it going normally, and took it for a drive to sevenoaks roundabout, past poll hill, but it slipped into the error state twice on the way, so I did the drive again, and it seemed fixed. I then collapsed from starvataion and ate a pizza. Good times. Next morning, woke up early to wash the car so I could pass MOT, went to Chelsfield Motors, who passed my little fiesta ever so quickly, then packed up the last of my shizzle, and drove back to the house with excellent reliability, and threw everything haphazardly into my room. Said "easy now" to the children, then bust on back into town to meet up with Maddie, in Liverpool St starbucks, followed by some excellent fish and chips in a little pub just down the street. After some navigational based humour, we met up with Sam, who took us to another SB and we chatted for a while, before we all had to emanispate back home. Good times. We probably watched films or killed people in the evening


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