damn girl friend!

w00t, surely this is illegal, not that i'm complaining, but was flipping through channels at 12 today (lunch time) and there was this romeo and juliet thing I thought I seen before. and i was like:

"wait a second home boy, don't we get to see miss juliet's boobs in this"
and as no one else was around to reply I didn't say much else... until her boobs were indeed exposed! at midday!? awesome

anyway, I really need to go to gym but seems a long way and my damn motherboard hasn't appeared yet so i may be forced to fuck shit up with ebuyer.


Anonymous 7:43 pm  

i dunno if its the same romeo n juliet i saw in yr 10 bt in that one at the end wen romeo is dead n bein paraded thru the town on a stretcher device he has a massive boner!!!!, maybe its because he saw juliet's boobs. Just thort i'd enlighten u to the fact. in seperate news the weather sucks complete arse

Tommeh 10:14 pm  

i agree with the weather statement, luckily I didn't watch the rest of the film, which now makes me happy happy happy

Anonymous 1:49 pm  

did u record it?

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