damn this cottage cheest is...

...low in fat, less than 1%! thats what the Tominator is talking about. Luckily I'm talking about advice, advice from one Professor Booshank:

"Never take paracetamol for a hangover, the combination of booshankalicious alcohol and the lesser booshanked paracetamol decombobulates your liver, I choose more herbal methods, such as milk"

damn that guy is cool. aparently though some plumber got filmed pissing (damn perverts) into someone's water tank, and he's being proper rogered by the police now, what a muppet.

without a computer i may be forced to learn to read again, which could take a lot of effort and possibly me moving from this chair, which although I've already gone to the gym, seems highly unlikely occuring.

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"oh god, the internet's being corrupted!" - random dude on 24 season 4... muppet


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