dang foo, dis shit be wack

yup, you guessed it my pc's b0rked (what u didn't? muppet)....

anyway turns out yada yada jargon yada yada computer tech babble yada yada motherboard dying yada yada not enough power to agp slot yada yada graphics card over heats yada yada....

basically need new mobo, whoopie doo, however on a brighter note not only did I go to the gym and swim today, but I'm also going to the pub. Thats three exercising devices in one day (if u hadn't guessed swimming is actually classed as an exercise).

Man my dad's pc sux, still uses ie and all that mumbo jumbo. Luckily i've eaten a whole pot of cottage cheese and drank over a litre of orange juice with "JUICEY BITS!!!!!?!??!I!I!*!!"... which is funtastical mr mannering.

off to the pub u say? well I would but I not meeting the "posse" till 8.10, so I'd be early. so shh.

Random Quote:

"your very fucking shit." - random crazy girl in San Andreas.


Michael 10:46 pm  

Sounds like u be talkin that jank lingo mofo. Shut it before I pop a cap in ur ass.

David Hulbert 1:15 pm  

I just sporked a postman. Now my fisher(wo)man is empty.

Tommeh 1:18 pm  

dang foos, u be mad joevial, awesome.

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