hey, you, look at this!, no not you, yeah you, the one with the hair, woo

I've decided to fill my useless days with something worthwhile, so every day i'll put aside an hour to do some wikipediaing, which involves me randomly looking around wikipedia absorbing its knowledge about anything, and everything. Mainly random stuff.

I however discovered this probably makes me a pedo, a wikipedo that is, but ah well, you win some you bone some...

on a related note: "some of the misadventures Furrball got into include, getting a pair of malfunctioning 3-D glasses glued to his head"


David Hulbert 5:07 pm  

What? Hey? Huh? Read uncyclopedia instead, u can learn so much more.

Michael 9:22 pm  

Fact of the Day:

In the British Isles and Australia the word muppet has come to be used as a mild term of abuse, meaning a stupid, incompetent, or possibly geeky person, or the obvious interpretation of someone who is inanimated or somehow not there. The Swedish translation mupp is often used in a similar manner.

Tommeh 11:16 pm  

I can't help but feel thats on ur blog

David Hulbert 2:57 pm  

1453 B.C. - The flushing toilet is invented, 600 years before the invention of toilet paper. Pundits declare it "the invention of the century."

David Hulbert 3:02 pm  

From http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Muppets :

Muppets grew wild in the amazon.com where they have lived peacefully for thousands of years until their capture and slaughter at the hands of Jim Henson and his evil son Brian and his company for their prized skins and velveteen fur.

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