same old same old

I still suck at waking up.
I'm still horrendously unfit.
I'm still very lazy
and I'm still tired continualy

oh and I can't spell.
In related news I finally managed to get my ass to the gym and then die a horrendous death. I also decided that due to stu saying "you are possibly the funniest guy i have ever met in the world" Far2Narf Productions will be diversifying into the Porn business. However I need to make a cunning splash screen for to split up things. I nearly did it but then realised I was still horrendously lazy.

Apparently backflippin in front of a hedgehog audience is not advised.

Someone wanna find me a good website with cheap DC shoes on? G'wan.

Random Quote:

"everyone needs hedgeg............ okay now I'm runnin outta energy to talk shit" - me


Michael 10:31 pm  

For DC's check this

Tommeh 11:07 pm  

they not that good there man

Michael 8:06 am  

They got a big range (70+) and u ain't gonna get much cheaper. Plus some come with free wallets.

Michael 2:53 pm  

U need an update to

Anonymous 12:27 pm  

No Tom you got me wrong, I said "you are possibly the funniest gay i have ever met in the world"

David Hulbert 5:14 pm  


Tommeh 8:11 pm  

which still makes me funnier than graham norton, woo

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