fuck yea!

once more mankind has triumphed over microsoft windows in the battle of wits. after replacing my scuppered mobo with an awesome one, windows was like "stfu I'm gonna start" so I was like, "take this biatch!" and booted to linux, backed up some stuff and then reinstalled windows, and after a bit of toe wrestling action its all working. Quicker as well now i can use all my ram.

In other news I destroyed myself on some sort of Army Fitness Test on the running machines, cos I kinda finished my work out then did it - damn u all.

free beer w00t?

I'm too scared to check if adobe products work, damn them all.

Random Quote

"memory test failed - booting from operating system" - sexy wombman voice on my motherboard


Michael 11:32 pm  

How much RAM u packing. They say u will need 512MB minimum for Windows Vista and you will also need a 128MB Graphics as a minimum. THIS IS A BEAST. No body will be able to run it.

Tommeh 10:37 am  

nah my ram works, just one weird time woman got confused. I got 1.5gb of ram sugar

David Hulbert 12:33 pm  

mike, u got vista yet?
"VISTA is an acronym and stands for Virus, Instability, Spyware, Trojans and Adware ?"

i bet u can run vista on 128mb ram. itll prob want 1gig methinks.

Tommeh 5:26 pm  

lol thats quite an awesome acronym

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