Hey kids!

Its damn hard to keep my blog up-to-date when I have such a busy schedule.... nah I just lazy, anyway I'd thought I'd mention the awesome weekend we had at rexxors with about 54023 bbqs and drink and much quaffing.

Furthermore, I couldn't care less about this current sentance so I shall end it in an abrupt manner which you m.

on a further note, Shing Wai managed to totally destroy most things at the bbq including:

  • a glass - which was flung into the air via some poor scrappin with danu
  • a chair - which was destructonmanated via shing wai sitting on it
  • toilet light cord thing - which... was fuxxored by her.
With great regret I announce I got tracey hammered on a very small amount of alcohol and got wholey blamed for it. Then I also got blamed for simone attempting to gain access to my underwear. And finally blamed for nearly destroying simone's watch in an arm wrestle... which in fact was probably my fault!

I hate exclamation marks!


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