Today - jooop

Possibly the greatest socks ever!

Okay so I should have done loads of unpacking and tidying today, however it seem a lot more productive to laze around, listen to music, watch robot chicken and update my blog. To see all the "crazy" stuff i got up to on hol, scroll down a bit... go!... well not now but after this post.

Anyway just a quick view on what happened today, someone somewhere said "What the hell am I supposed to say? Will it even mean anything?". Well you don't have to say anything but what I'm saying is: if those closed minded fucks ever mess with Britain again they're gonna be fucked up so bad, they'll never know what hit them. No one attacks Britian, and especially innocent people, and especially on something "iconic" like a red bus or the london tube. One day justice will prevail, until then. shit.

Okay unfortunatly that made me sound like a thug, I'm not condoning anything like blowing up more countries because this happened or anything, I'm just hoping for once we can effectively find the culprits and finally allow justice and normal common sense to prevail.

On a lighter note... I found my old oil lighter....*gaffaws*

Random Quote:

"durkha durkha lets bomb london mohammed jihad abakala. COCKS" -

"shit" - Me


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