The reasons Stuart made love to that Horse

by Doctor Horse McHorseberry

Well in my humble opinion I think it stems from a varying issue of linkage and ponderment that stretches backwards forward. However without further ado, it is uncommen henceforth that with a certain pentre qui, there is a blasphormously horseusly circumstance such as the one which previals unto this current situation. Who knew that one day advances in telehorseification should lead a guy/gay to such acts is unconfoundingly similar to various religous beliefs in antarctica. My final word is, Who really thinks they are the horse if to be a horse to be that of which Stuart can possibly blah blah blah.


David Hulbert 12:31 pm  

whre u get your drugs from?

David Hulbert 4:41 pm  


Tommeh 5:25 pm  

man if I could hate that game anymore i would

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