not so cunning...

Here's Tom's Step by Step Guide on how to ride your bike stupidly (Don't do this kids!):

1) Don't wear a helmet
2) Listen to Hundred Reasons loudly on ur mp3 player
3) Use the helmet u have in fact with you in your back pack as protection for your mp3 player if you fall off
4) Wear shorts and t-shirt
5) Wear sunnies
6) Nearly crash into some dude also doing nearly exactly the same thing (except he had an ipod... la de da) round a blind corner

ironically I was thinkin about the 5 steps and to post them on here just before the crashing nearly occured, and luckily my multi-tasking ability isn't fantastic so I'd slowed down. Thank god for conincidences.


David Hulbert 2:53 pm  

Ha ha ha! You FOOL! It's not 5 steps, it was SIX!!!!!!!!!!1111

Tommeh 5:58 pm  

not at that currently point you current bun flavoured harpoon maniquin

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