too hot

Had a good nite last nite, went to nandos in brommers and then to spoons, and shock horror I managed not to drink!

Here's a vid of dan and tracey fighting yesterday, its long!

and once more i got confused by Jade ringing me upon Dave's phone, though I'm sure dave called me a sexy boy, excellent.

Play footie today, nearly killed myself, can't believe how unfit I am so my to do list:

1) Get A Job
2) Unpack all my stuff
3) Learn Guitar
4) Get Uber Fit


Michael 9:04 pm  

Stacy do u remember when I mowed ur lawn? Oh yeh....

Michael 9:13 pm  

U take some videos that aren't porn? How cunning of u.

Tommeh 1:28 pm  

I was once called Stacy but I had to give it up throuhg various bowel movements

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