heeeeeeeeeeyy... nah its alrite cheers

Damn that harry potter book turned out awesome in the end, tis crazy wack sad though as well. Also damn San Andreas proper infiltrated my vocab with gangsta slang again. Damn you JK Rowling, I need the next book, before I explode like someone with a penguin blocking their fart hole.

Went swimming today, and gym before, cunningly Jade managed to ring me just as I was outta the pool. I was quite dripping. Man I should really try harder to get a job.

On further news, I'm pretty crap really arn't I. Ah well, onwards fellow soldiers.

remember to listen to more James Blunt and Five For Fighting

Song Of The Day (Videos pretty dope as well):

Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle


David Hulbert 8:12 pm  

NOTE: remember to listen to more James Blunt and Five

Michael 11:04 pm  

I just checked out far2narf.co.uk and went to the message board. Hmm. Nothin be happening. I am thinking we should make an exeter forum. May do it tommorow if i get bored. But will need a cunning title, like Exy-Chat?

David Hulbert 1:04 pm  

theres #exeter on quakenet

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