And so back from the land of rex

You may think, "aha! Tom is the cool and remembering to blog about his magical trip straight away" well you'd be wrong dear friend, for it is actually April the 23rd today, and I doubt my memory can remember much I'll use bullet points and see what my brain sorts out:

  • Wednesday - Cruised down to Egham in the Tom-Mobile avec ad, we cunningly didn't bother attempting to remember which way it was, however we got there and chilled avec la rex for a while, grabbed curry for dinner and then off to Medecine and the pub under it that I can't remember the damn name of. Good drinks there and then saw Dan and Tracey and we were all like "word dawgs wot be crackerlacking" and I think dan agreed to going round the world wit me andy and teh rexxor.
  • Thursday - After suppressing my desire to kill adam from his snoring shinanigans we chilled all day, had harvester for din din, then went to windsor, which was awesome place. We were walking down a road and there was like maccy ds and then spoons then star bucks and I was like.... wait a sec whats that huge building the other side of this quite small street and rex was all like "windsor castle foolio" and I was like "W00t its right in the middle of the town" and thus ended our convo and we got a coffee and went to mock some swans on the Thames. In la evening went avec dan n tracey and trish and andy and chris to Medecine for some commando and soldier night, and drank a bit but not too much but I still ended up dancing like a loon(but not a loom).. cunning
  • Friday - Woke up, was like, good adam not that bad at snoring, then had harvester again and went to the home
Wow my memory rules, now i gotta write about sommit else I can't remember... ARGH pasta.


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