and so off to the unknown

except its known and not quite yet. had you all fooled you little cherubs....

so pizza hut buffet, a good way to make yourself be like "hey guy I've eaten too much, where's my head" and the such like. but me, dave and louis took good advantage of it, even if I did pay for the more expensive pizza AND salad version, cos I was like, ...well u get the picture.

I got the entire series of Brass Eye recently, damn funny, also if u hadn't realised from my previous post I saw V for Vendetta yesterday, awesomely incredible film, tho afterwards I was thinking it may be promoting terrorism, but then terrorism is only terrorism if its against you/your beliefs... maybe. can terrorism be just? can dave take apart everything electrical in his room?...yes

check this crap effort at a uk Lazy Sunday, man we realllly need to do one to show them honkys whats cracka lackin'

Quick News: Lindsey Lohan wants to play Wonder Woman, Ps3 shipping region free, superman is still a dick, new game stuns world, and finally my train to orpington is at 14.10 tomorrow....

Random Quote:

"wikipedia is indeed da bomb" - raffle


Anonymous 6:00 pm  

Note: I don't generally speak like that. Normally, I'd use something much more sophisticated, like 'da boomting'...

And thus ends my string of comments for this lifetime *nods*

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