hey you

sexy sexy fools, its safe to say I'm in the town of orp with a can o' pork and I'm rocking your stocking. *shrugs* rhymage is my middle name... Hence I am now know as Tom Rhymage Barker-Booshank, which cunninly rearranges to spell "boobs knahsrekraegamyhrmot"....

I fear I drank too much orange juice,hopefully a pizza conconction will help, tho its not too healthy so I'll have to eat a banananananananana or sommit, damn horrible things. Even tho this week was meant to be my week of rest, I think I've got to work quite a bit, when me homeys arn't fucking shit up, tho for rest of week tis only like me,ad,ruff, simone and trev if he's cool enough. So far we destroyed the pub on friday, then bluewatered it up on sat along with a sesh of chillage at the house of ad. Rex was here as well, but he ran away now *sobs*

I think my laptop is burning the top of my desk, sure its fine tho.... this post may be quite long as I'm putting off doing any work, I may also post all my deadlines in a few minutes to help the kids. damn rex and ad finished everything apart from last exams, damn u cruel world *shakes fist like a maraca*

there's a costa down orpington now, which is pretty dope, tho I doubt its really a place to "work". oh and I forgot how much I love driving, bring it on!

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"I got my swagga back" - will smith...


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