h'okay so I'm back

in the rap, with a hat and bat but less of the crap. or not

so I've done nothing but work and eat, and go to a modelling workshop where again I was like mwahah I'm the win gaffaw, and jake from hollyoaks was like "er, indeed"... it might not have quite gone down like that

so check some cool dubbing

my supervisor has nicely said he wants to see our final software for thursday.... shit. shit. shit oh god oh god shit. or something along those sexy lines, it'll be fine, I'll put him off with a few casual winks, show a bit of flesh and he'll not realise what I'm showing.

oki I have a dilemma, do I finish this blog here, without some sort of suitable original awesomeness and humour, or do I strain myself to do sommit of infinite blogability that reminds you all why you read my blog? apart from my lucious locks of hair and boyish charm. see I like to be real with my readers, proper street style, I havn't sold out since I hit the big time, I'm still I'm still Tom from the Reebok.

oh another note I've spent the entire damn day with sunflower oil between my toes as I managed to spill it on my socks and on the kitchen floor, now u may suspect this to be of the erogenous nature, I can assure its more annoying than sensual. next time I'll aim for the party de la pants

right I'm off to work/sleep/clean my tootsies

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"oh I'ma hit y'all with ya own pimp motherfuckers!" - The Jugganault Bitch!


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