assignment deadlines:

  • Enterprise CA1: 27th April (week 39)
  • Project: 28th April (week 39)
  • Compilers CA3: 04th May (Week 40)
  • Enterprise CA2: 11th May (Week 41)
  • Modelling CA1: 11th May (Week 41
  • Presentation: (Week 41)
  • Nature Inspired CA2: 18th May (Week 42)


David Hulbert 7:47 pm  

cheers dude, thatsuber useful. i count 7. awesome

Stuey D 11:09 pm  

Yeah cheers dude.

I only have 4, but thats enough with the current state of my project!

Tommeh 10:55 am  

word my homebois

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