D wikka DJ wik wik wikky Yoda

whoa, now that was a gig and a half and a bucket of dopeness chucked all over it. totally one of a kind, DJ yoda mixed up 2 hours worth of movie clips with some hot tracks on a big screen, some highlights:

  • Back to the future Johnny Be Goode
  • Mixing Block rocking beats with eye of the tiger
  • scratching up to a jackie chan fight scene
  • some crazy film clip of 3 guys head bopping crazily in a car
loads of cool tracks, plus I got his dvd (which is unfortunatly a completely different set?!!? wtf anywya) and got him to sign it at end, dopeness in a bucket:


David Hulbert 11:13 am  

pretty sweet, but it seems he isn't very good at the letter J.

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