I have a kilo of breasts!

thats right my friend(unless you're an enemy trying to keep me closer than your friends...) and an empty house, the possibilities are endless.

as u may have guessed last night we got a bit tipsy and awesomeness ensued in warehouse. parts of my jeans started hanging off (at bottom of right leg) so I went to hot bar woman and was like "hey girl you got anything I can cut this off with? jeans not my leg that is" and she was like "haw haw" and proceeded to wield a huge knife, and even cut it herself and disposed of the devil child piece of jean for me, word to her. check la photos.

do cows have breasts?

Random Quote(s):

"I can't help but feel u may have accidently mis spelled your entire blog and it was in fact meant to say "Tom rocks" or even "the tom rocks" depending on my/your/craig david's coolness. Wait no I'm just quite tipsy from clubbing, bonus points go to keith chegwin, Paula radcliffe and the guy I scared the crap out in the club by looking menacing.... to the sink for water ->"
"not sure I meant to say any of that... or any of this.... *Gaffaw* now you think I'm even more drunk that u first presumed.... you're probably right... damn... etc... and then some... more... on...to that... maybe?... damn." - comments I left on raffle's blog :P


Anonymous 5:58 pm  

We have beef ribs rather than breast, but who knows really *shrugs* Though in the technical sense, I suppose they have udders instead...*loves Tom's random drunken comments'

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