*rocks out*

to lostprophets, u know where its at... just next to my laptop, tis nearly finished tho, might even be nicer than tesco's fruit and fibre, anyway

what I have I done recently? u may well ask yourself, tho in truth you should probably be asking me but I'll over-look that, 2 days ago did ze olde monday club at harvey, which was good fun, didn't get too drunk which was also a bonus, then yesterday went and chilled round simones to watch the arsenal game (more on that later) and fix her pc as such...

ARSENAL WON 2-0!!!! oh yes oh yes with a stick and a well prepared jelly meal on top, we played like a champion beating team, I think we're back baby...hopefully we won't blow it at juventus, fabregas is the win

lol whoops forgot I was writing this, more later I need a bath and some other cleaning device, goin to rexxors today, need to turn on my sexy


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