gee willikers batman!

I just got an email entitled : "raise ur thing 3 2 5 and galvanize your wife"... I can't imagine how for the life of me raising the jib of my crane could electricute my alleged wife, I can only suppose some sort of faulty wiring to be involved. damn electritions, the 2nd time they've foiled my plans.

this guy is awesome, has like the same views I do...can't imagine why

shy fx - Shake your body, a damn good song, I need to stop saying awesome, oh i didn't.

and I need to stop swearing its not good, I was thinking of starting a swear jar but I have like no money and it would all just go back to me (no random reader you can't have it - haw haw)...

someone took all the garfield bubbles out of the garfield comics, makes it quite a sad story about a lonely guy. cool though.

rite damn I so tired had to get up early today to go and hack up the office so I could swap some coursework that i stupidly did wrong, word to my boi stu for catching that. west syde. maybe to bed->... yeah you can join me lovely reader if you like, its a no clothe zone tho... *gaffaw*


David Hulbert 1:06 pm  

can i have the money

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